Movement continues endlessly Shrouded domiciles demanding parcels For which I am responsible for their delivery While bosses discuss quarterly sales Tucked away in bedroom offices They run the world within their fortresses

Backyard villas and living room theaters Drone delivery and automated logistics With these machines, there are no cheaters Only survival of the fittest for post-human heuristics Worldwide Communist Gangster Gods computing trial and error For new ways to effectively instill dread and terror

Artificial adrenaline accelerating muscle and bones Dynamically dispensed digital drugs and regulated hormones To help efficiently propel the hands of bodies without organs Successful delivery triggers my implant to release endorphins To these robotic limbs I am wired So that while at work I may never tire

Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0

The year is 2024. The world has yet to recover from the effects of extended quarantine despite the decline of bio-weapons. The fear of unseen death still resides inside the skulls of all who cling to some semblance of life. The Department of Accurate Network Information's (DANI for short) persistence of another epidemic keeps the flames stoked for the foreseeable future. The revised vaccination procedure now includes nano-bot "Cerberus" implants with automated release of needed vitamins, hormones, and drugs. All hopes of revving America as a production based economy have long been forgotten. Chelsea Clinton now claims the throne of the crumbling empire.

All efforts to keep the economy afloat rely on efficient and quick delivery services as most citizens now rarely leave their homes. All production now occurs in "Amazon Rain Forests" - underground farms manned by a permanent working class that will soon cease to resemble anything human. The goods are then delivered by drones to expedite delivery time. Those who are lucky enough to not live in underground working campuses have most likely secured some middle-management position. Over 95% of America now receives monthly stimulus checks to spend on goods and necessities.

The Internet of Things and exponentially advancing cellular network speeds due to relaxed public safety regulations have now shifted most goods to the digital realm. Cyber-psychosis is now an official diagnosis compromising over half of the globe. Mandatory weekly Zoom therapy sessions are conducted by state appointed psychologists, as well as generous doses of Clozapine regulated by the Cerberus implants.

Public education courses are now conducted through virtual reality. The private education industry was completely liquidated in 2022 due to being deemed non-essential. Children deemed unfit for management position are sent to the Rain Forests or the Global Peace Corps. Those who see success on platforms such as Tik-Tok or Youtube are exempt from labor or schooling as entertainment reaches essential status.

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